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Garden re-designs 2018

Written by Oliver Miguel mercredi 4 juillet 2018

Garden re-designs 2018

Apart from renovating the Eco-classic cottages we do a lot of work in the garden so guests can enjoy their stay even more.

2000 vulcanic stones (each about 20kg), 50 black stones, a huge white Granite as bench, 4 truck load of sand and a 2 truck load of gravel, 40 bags of cement and many other items for the 3 bath rooms had to be carried 200 meters to its destination. This was about 4000 trips with the weight on their heads....the local way to carry things, even fridges i saw.
Anyway, the real problem for a foreigner is to find the people which do the work. Still 3 month to go to finalize all the projects wee have in mind. Sure the breakfast place and chill out will be bigger, a new chill out is created right now with sun chairs, a small waterfall where you can stand under, a nicer manicured garden, renovation of bath rooms in the Eco classic cottages, maybe a small rain proof breakfast place too. Most of the shooping is done lately in Hubli, Goa, years ago much came from Delhi, last year a 7,5 ton truck from Gokarna to Bangalore and back full of items for the farm. Since we do not have to bring any cloth back to India from Germany and Spain we do have our luggage always filled with nice and handy items.

vulcanic stones

Up there the new chill out with progress.

sand and gravel

Sand coverfed by the blue tarp and gravel.

new path

Path after the bridge.

local workers

New waste water pipe goes back to the plants.

bigger breakfast place

Up right will be the extension of the breakfast place.

new path direction

New path direction and leveling.

shopping in hubli

Coming back from Huble shopping.

garden lights

Now  its second of August and we did quiet some work considering that helpers come irregular. Still 2-3 month to go anyway. Ceck the new images below and let me now what you think.
Cheers, Oliver

IMG 20180718 154908
IMG 20180730 162855
IMG 20180730 162914
IMG 20180730 163059
IMG 20180730 163125
IMG 20180730 163146
IMG 20180730 163222
IMG 20180730 163245
IMG 20180730 163306
IMG 20180730 163408
IMG 20180731 083738

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Garden re-designs 2018 Apart from renovating the Eco-classic cottages we do a lot of work in the garden...

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