Plus qu'un hôtel, c'est un style de vie...

Bungalow, Chambres, Maison dans les arbres & Yoga

Luisa's small kitchen

A few delicious and healthy options will be available from January to March for our guests only.

You only have to tell Luisa in advance, best in the morning, and will be served a great plate.
Home made tofu and yoghurt, himalaya salts, virgin olive oel, brown bread, brown rice, mozzarella
de buffalla, chia seeds and balsamica vinegar just to name a few.

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Written by Oliver Miguel mardi 15 décembre 2015


Oliver & Luisa
Kudle Beach-581326 Gokarna
Ligne fixe  (+91) (0)8386/257454
Portable  (+91) (0)9739600407



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