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Preparing for the new season 2017/18

Welcome to our 10th year in Gokarna on Kudle beach

It all started out on Om beach where i met Luisa as my first yoga student and since then we are living in tree houses and doing yoga on a regular base. Now back in Gokarna, we were 9 month on Koh Phangan in Thailand creating another Namaste Yoga Farm, we do the yearly painting on the houses, interior and exterior, buy 26 new pillows, trimming the garden, replacing tiles. constructing shade and covers, rebuilding the 2 yoga places and much more. So please, when ever you feel, drop by or contact us.
Oliver and Luisa

tree house 18

yoga class

And the new season is underway! And already we are busy with so many things in and around the farm. One of them, not surprisingly, is the yoga classes.

Yoga classes are conducted twice a day, morning classes are from 8.00am - 9.30am and the afternoon classes starts at 3.00pm until 4.30pm. This season, you can join Oliver’s morning classes and expect to learn more about meditational and Kriya inspired practices. Also ask about Yoga Nidra, a powerful guided meditation practice led by a teacher and there is no one around that specializes in this area more than Oliver himself.

The afternoon classes with our in-house teacher are usually Hatha Vinyasa based and more dynamic. Understand how moving with your breath helps you in your yoga practice and also get the alignment right when executing the Vinyasa. Regardless, the content of both classes may be subject to change according to the level of the class and students. Regardless of how long you have been practicing yoga, both classes are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Provided are yoga mats, blocks and straps, so just bring yourself and your awareness to the class and surrender to your practice.

yoga shala

The season is just starting to begin and we are almost done with all the new additions to the farm. One of the things that has gotten a complete new look is the yoga shala.

 We are absolutely aware about the mosquitoes biting the students during asana practice especially during meditation practices and we understand the frustrations of the practitioners. Although the mosquito hours are between 5.00pm to 7.00pm, sometimes they do appear during the morning classes from 8.00am – 9.30am. The afternoon classes from 3.00pm – 4.30pm however are a different story. Even though the timetable has been shifted to avoid mosquito hours, some students are still bitten by them and have difficulty to focus on the class. And thus, we have taken steps to rectify this issue. Fans, mosquito coils, incense sticks, repellent and many others have been tried but none really worked.

This season, we present to you, the first in Gokarna, a mosquito free yoga shala. With almost 45 meters of mosquito netting surrounding the entire shala and almost 2 meters covered from the roof to the floor, it has been a revelation towards mosquito free practice in India. Now you can practice in the space out in nature, but protected from not only mosquitoes but also anything bigger than a pinhead. With the netting coming from Thailand, not only does it make the yoga shala look extremely cozy, it’s also durable and not thick and heavy. The light breeze can still be felt, there is still light coming into the yoga shala, 4 fans and 2 dimmer lights installed, yoga mats, blocks and straps, it’s a hybrid of both indoor and outdoor yoga shalas and we hope the students will be happy to see what we have done. Come visit us and see for the first time, a revolutionary step towards combining both indoor and outdoor, a mosquito free yoga shala.

namaste yoga farm 25

Over the seasons and monsoons, most things wear out, damaged by the animals, ruined by the moisture or simply just disintegrating with the slightest of touch. And one of the items we keep in the farm have been taken care of extremely well, are the books. Truth be told, we have, in possession, over 300 books and some rare collections. And this season they will have new book shelves to be kept in. All handmade from wood, its tailor made to fit in perfectly into the settings around the chill out area.

We also have the books in a variety of languages and subjects. In the library, you may come across a French entertainment book for children or a German to Spanish dictionary translation and even an in-depth book about ancient Mayan and Inca civilization in English. Add in some Dutch non-fiction and few Scandinavian fiction books and you have an expansive and diverse collection of books that comes from all over the world. Do check it out and who knows, you might just find the book you are looking for.

As the new season is fast approaching, we are doing everything we can to make sure everything is up and running in time. Rooms have to be all set, cottages have to be cleaned, the tree houses have to be built up again and the chill out area isn’t complete without a roof and many others.

This season there has been a few upgrades in the rooms. From now on, there will be a futon available in each room and it’s great for the young ones as an extra bed or it can be folded to make a nice sofa sitting style for everyone.  The pillows, bed sheets, blankets and pillow covers are all new as the old ones are covered in mould from the monsoon.  So expect fresh clean bed set up when you arrive and ,if you request for housekeeping, right before you sleep each night.

Also a new addition to the rooms, on the balcony to be exact, is the rattan chairs that have replaced the old plastic ones. This chair is perfectly shaped to make one feel at complete ease and relaxation while enjoying the view from the balcony. The chairs also make the balcony feel a little bit more at home and a pair of these can be found in all the balconies of the rooms. Ergonomic and easy to move around, this is definitely a step up from the previous plastic chairs.

ping pong

Here at the farm, we have a good range of selection regarding leisure time. Apart from the two daily yoga classes that are available for the guest to join, we have an amazing collection of books waiting to be picked up.  There is also a docking station for you to plug in your mobile phone or just connect it to the speakers through Bluetooth to churn out some jams of your own. You can also find board games and card games to have some fun with family and friends. For chess enthusiasts, there is also chess club every Thursday and this brings together all the best chess players in Gokarna.

This season, we have up the ante and added table tennis to our ever growing list of recreational activities. With the table placed at the back of the yoga shala, you can now enjoy and have fun with your mates with the ITTF approved tables, bats and balls. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using a small bat. So come down and play, and don’t worry, there is never a shortage of challengers.

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Written by Oliver Miguel samedi 30 septembre 2017


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